About Me

I’m happy you found my freelance writing site. Please email me at Author.Yawatta.Hosby(AT)gmail(DOT)com or call me at 304-279-0519 for assignments.


Hi, my name is Yawatta Hosby. I’m a huge math geek, graduating WVU with a Bachelor’s Degree. My major was accounting. I’ve been a math tutor to adults trying to receive their GED through the LVEP Program.

I read somewhere that intellectuals can’t be artists. This isn’t true. I’ve had the pleasure of using my love of psychology and daydreaming to become a published author of suspense horror books. I created A Writer’s Blog to connect with readers and other indie authors, focusing on writing tips, book reviews, and author interviews.

Currently, I contribute to The Millionaire’s Digest, a website geared toward helping bloggers gain readership and learn tips of the trade. I’m excited for this opportunity.

My work has appeared on Mash Stories, a website geared toward helping writers. My guest posts have also been featured on blogs of other authors, including L.M. Sherwin, Sharon C. Cooper, Jess C. Scott, and Hemanth Gorur.

When I freelance, most of my articles have been how-to-write fiction, my journey as an author, or sharing knowledge of the publishing industry.

My goal is to write full time. Even though I love blogging, I would also appreciate the opportunity to write articles for magazines and newsletters.

Anyone can contact me by:

Keep smiling!


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